Sunstate Awnings of Southwest Florida is a family owned and operated company. Owners Mitch and Ann Marie run the daily operations, and the vast majority of their employees have been with them for many years. When you choose Sunstate Awnings, you are truly choosing a family of professionals who have years of experience, and who have the directive oInstalling Awnings for Sunstate Awningsf the owners to be responsible for earning your satisfaction. This policy of personal accountability means that you will never get the "runaround", or one department blaming another for a problem, or the traditional Florida broken promise-- "we'll get back to you".

On the contrary, you can expect prompt, professional, authoritative answers to you questions or problems, and service that is unparallelled in the industry.

Operating in our 14,000 square foot fabrication facility in Englewood, FL, we service the corridor from Tampa to Naples and beyond. In fact, our design awards have brought us business referrals from as far away as Orlando, Ocala and Ft. Lauderdale! Each and every step of the awning creation is performed in our facility by our employees---there are no subcontractors, jobs "farmed out" or installers hired from the daily labor pool. Insurance and workers cGarden Awning from Sunstate Awningsompensation is always in force to protect you or our employees from damage or injury.

At Sunstate Awnings, we personally produce the awning frame, the canvas or vinyl awning fabication, lettering, coloring, cutting and sewing, welding, installing and any other step required. No detail is left to chance in risk of losing your satisfaction.

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