Sunstate Awnings Business & Commercial Division

Sunstate Awnings can help you design an awning that will capture your customers attention. Our years of experience have given us the tools and know how to create the impact Sunstate awnings at Subway your company deserves. Commercial Awnings can be designed in virtually any shape, size or colour. They not only serve as shelter for customers and patrons, but also as signage, for advertising your business. Custom made graphics can be applied with your logo or name with or without optional lighting, creating a state of the art method for promotion and advertising. By purchasing a commercial awning you are investing in your company and its image and appearance. Today's awnings can highlight the style, compliment the architecture or set the mood in your commercial setting. Hundreds of fabric patterns, colors and designs are available. Stylish awnings maximize street visibility, provide sun and rain protection, and extend outdoor living space. They are an economical, flexible means to increase eye-appeal. Enhance your image with an awning...illuminated, graphically embellished, or distinctively unadorned. From shopping malls to restaurants, from theaters to hotels, awnings are seen in all the finest locations. Why not yours?In Commercial Lighted Awnings from Sunstate Awningsapplications they filter up to 98% of the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays and screen out more than 75% of solar heat entering a room through windows reducing room temperature by as much as 15° F. Awnings also decrease sunlight and glare by as much as 95% thus keeping windows cooler and reducing heat radiated by glass. Used with air conditioning, the cost of your awnings is quickly offset by up to 25% savings in energy costs.

Sunstate Awnings Residential Division

Sunstate Awnings has a solution for those hot sunny days that are too unpleasant to sit on your patio or deck. An awning offers maximum protection from the sun for you and your family. Our wide selection of fabrics and elegant designs means your awning will look beautiful on your hSunstate Awning Retractable Awningome for years to come.Homeowners call us with a variety of needs and goals. Some people simply need to prevent the sun from damaging furnishings and driving up cooling costs. Others want to keep themselves and their guests from getting wet at the front door. Of course, there are many front doors that just scream for a dome awning in order to add curb appeal. A deck or patio unused during the summer months, can become the most frequently used part of the home when a canopy or awning is installed. And recently, retractable awnings have become quite fashionable. Just crank your awning out or press a button if you opt for a motor!

Sunstate Awnings Dock & Marine Division

Dock Awnings provide many of the same benefits of a boathouse at a fraction of the cost. Sunstate Awnings specializes in installing the highest quality commercial dock awnings and canopies. With Englewood located just a jump away from other waterfront communities as Boca Grande, Venice, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda and others, boat dock awnings comprise a major portion of our business. Protect your investment from the harmful rays of the sun, avoid unsightly color fading, and provide shelter from the intense rainstorms prevalent in the Florida summer season. Consider an awning for your dock!



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